Jonathan Harfield Fitness

Jonathan Harfield Fitness is an online fitness and nutrition platform specialising in body fat reduction, muscle tone and nutrition coaching.

We believe in educating and coaching our clients to achieve the results desired. No “hardcore” workouts or “strict” diets. Tailored to each client, our bespoke programmes and highly qualified personal coaches help you to make positive and lasting changes.
Take up the challenge and transform your life.

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Functional Fitness

Training specifically designed to provide a functional full-body workout while improving your overall energy levels. Build strength and endurance.

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Balanced Nutrition

Fuel your body with nutritious meals designed for your body type and lifestyle. Food for your fitness goals. Build healthy habits and positive mindset.

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Don’t Stop When You’re Tired,

Stop When You’re Done.


Since launch, Jonathan Harfield Fitness has helped over 300 clients worldwide.

"Thank you so much for inspiring me to lose so much weight and become so fit." - Sasha, Austria

"Jon and his team has helped me change my life. I have never looked and felt so good before!" - Mike, United Kingdom

"Due to my mental health, I put on weight in the past few years. It took a lot of encouraging to approach JHF but I'm glad I did." - Jana, Czech Republic

"Approaching 40, I wanted to fix my lifestyle. Jonathan listened to all my concerns and formed a fitness and nutrition plan for me. It was easy to follow and I have since lost 8.5 kg!" - Noah, Germany

"These guys will train you hard but no pain, no gain!" - Steven, United States

"The 90 day programme was hard for me to follow at the start. But after the first week it did get easier and I do feel a lot stronger having stuck it out." - Katrina, United Kingdom

"Love the one-to-one online coaching sessions!" - Paul, France

"You pay for the results you want. I have dropped 13% in body fat. Looking forward to seeing more results." - Lea, Spain

"Learning to practice mindful eating with Harfield's Team has been life-changing" - Marie, Germany

Take the First Step

The hardest part is starting. Once you get that out of the way, you’ll find the rest of your fitness journey much easier.

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