Jonathan Harfield Fitness’ Guide To Pre and Post-workout Nutrition


The most frequently asked questions at Jonathan Harfield Fitness revolves around how to lose weight, feel energized and not slide back into bad habits. It is easy to solely focus on the weights and cardio when planning your next gym session. But eating is just as important as exercise to maintain a healthy body. Making sure you eat the right food – before and after your workout – is essential if you want to tick all the above.

It might seem pointless to eat before a morning workout. Waking up early can be a struggle and there is often little time to prepare a healthy breakfast beforehand. People also assume that not eating until after the workout can actually help weight loss. But this is a myth. Jonathan Harfield Fitness understands the importance of pre-workout nutrition. Working out will burn the same number of calories regardless of what goes into your body. But exercising on an empty stomach will not provide you with enough fuel to perform at an optimum level. Regular exercise without eating first can ultimately cause muscle loss, dizziness and lethargy, which will hinder your health objectives. 

Jonathan Harfield Fitness understands the importance of pre-workout nutrition

So, what exactly should you eat before a workout? Jonathan Harfield Fitness puts together balanced nutrition plans to help you figure out the best foods to fuel your body. You ideally want to eat something full of protein and carbs. A simple protein bar or smoothie is recommended. Nuts, eggs and yogurt are other easily digestible sources of protein. Especially when doing weights, protein will help repair muscle tears and build up muscle mass. If you are looking for something a bit more filling, a bowl of rice or slice of toast will do the trick. Carbohydrates break down into glucose and provide fuel for workouts. Eat no earlier than thirty minutes beforehand to allow food to digest.

You should not just prepare what to eat before your workout and ignore what you put into your body after. At Jonathan Harfield Fitness, the team helps you understand how to look after your body throughout the day. Post-workout nutrition is important to replace the calories you’ve used up. Refuel your body with carbs and protein. Brown rice and whole wheat bread are great examples of complex carbohydrates. Meanwhile, foods like fish and beans provide the protein needed to help your muscles recover. Drink water afterwards to replenish the fluids lost through sweating.

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Remember that your body is like an engine. It is no secret that the better fuel you provide, the better it will perform. These pre- and post-workout nutrition tips are crucial to help your body recover and maintain peak condition. Repeat these healthy habits, so over time it becomes second nature.