Jonathan Harfield Fitness’ Tips for Building Muscle


A common goal for many people is to build muscle while also losing some excess fat. At Jonathan Harfield Fitness, we have created dozens of workout routines, designed to fit those requirements. However, each person is unique, and their bodies respond differently to exercise. This is why you can’t just take an exercise routine off the internet and expect it to give you optimal results. Your best bet is to contact a professional who can help you determine which exercises will work best for your body type, your endurance levels and experience in the gym. Trial and error is the only way to find out which workout routine is perfect for you and your goals. With that said, there are some general rules that should be kept in mind when developing your workout regimen.

Building muscle with Jonathan Harfield Fitness

If you want to build muscle mass while also losing fat, you should incorporate both strength and cardio training into your routine. Weightlifting is the perfect way to build and sculpt your muscles and is what we always recommend at Jonathan Harfield Fitness. However, in order to bring out that definition, you need to also do regular cardio exercises. There is a wide variety of cardio workouts you can incorporate- from short but intense HIIT sessions, to sprints or even walking on an inclined treadmill. Cardio is definitely an exercise that many people don’t like doing but it is absolutely essential for not only your aesthetic goals, but also for keeping you fit and healthy.

Building muscle is dependent on not only your training schedule, but also on your diet. The Jonathan Harfield Fitness clients benefit from a comprehensive nutrition plan that complements their workout regimen. Fueling your body properly is essential in order to obtain the results you are looking for. It is really important to eat the right amount of food and to have protein-rich meals before and after a workout. These are just some basic tips that apply to every single person who wants to train and be in shape. Of course, depending on your individual requirements, the exact type and amount of foods will vary, but you should still follow some general guidelines, like eating well-balanced meals and dinking enough water every day.

At Jonathan Harfield Fitness, we are passionate about making sure that every client receives personalised training programs. This is why we offer one-on-one consultations when we discuss people’s goals and what they want to achieve during their fitness journey. We aim to help people change their perception of fitness and start thinking about it as a lifestyle change, rather than as a fad diet or a fleeting trend. The more long-term your perspective is, the easier it will be to stick to your routine.